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UBT's Electric System & Rates

UBT manages an electrical transmission and distribution system serving around 6,694 customers across a 103-square-mile service area in Macon County. This system caters to both residential and commercial clients, with residential customers making up about 90% of the total. The three largest electric customers are Tuskegee University, VictoryLand, and the VA Hospital.

Service Area

Service AreaSq mi
Electrical Service Area (Macon Co. & City of Tuskegee)103
Total Circuit Miles of Distribution Lines355
Total Circuit Miles of Transmission Lines10
Number of Substations5
Number of Customers7060


General Electrical Service (Residential)

Charge NameRate($)
Customer Charge$15
Energy Charge All kWhs: $0.102470 per kWh

General Electrical Service (Commercial)

Charge NameRate($)
Customer Charge$15
First 2,000 kWhs$0.12445 per kWh
Over 2,000 kWhs$0.11066 per kWh

General Service Large Commercial / Industrial Customers

Charge NameRate($)
Customer Charge$15.00 per month
Demand Charge$6.06 KVA billing demand

Energy Charges:

Charge NameRate($)
First 30,000 kWh$0.084610 per kWh
Over 30,000 kWh$0.068050 per kWh

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