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Community Programs

Utilities Board of the City of Tuskegee 2023 Scholarships

Application Deadline for the 2023 Program is Friday, February 17, 2023.

The Utilities Board of Tuskegee (UBT) is offering 4 scholarships in the amount of $2,500 each, to students of Macon County.

To be eligible for a UBT scholarship, a student’s parent and/or legal guardian must receive electric service from UBT. The scholarship will only be granted to graduating high school seniors. The student must attend a four-year college/university, community college, and/or vocational/trade school within the state of Alabama.

Scholarship applications are available at high schools in the UBT service areas, where students whose parents/ legal guardian(s) are UBT electric customers. The scholarship may also be downloaded by clicking on button below. The application is non-fillable. Print, complete, mail, email or hand-deliver to the Scholarship Coordinator, Theresa Bogan at: c/o Theresa Bogan, UBT Scholarship Coordinator, Utilities Board of the City of Tuskegee, P. O Box 831050 204 W Lee Street, Tuskegee, AL 36083 or

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Community Social Responsibility

Career Fair D.C Wolf 2023

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One of our important projects is our involvement in the Tuskegee Career Fair, which happens every year and is organized by local high schools. This event gives students the chance to learn about different job opportunities and gain valuable insights into...

Community Social Responsibility

Career Fair TIMS 2023

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UBT aims to inspire and make a positive impact on the next generation by actively teaching students at the Tuskegee Career Fair. Our engineers' presence creates an engaging and informative experience for students. They can ask questions, see the practical aspects...

Community Social Responsibility

2023 Customer Bill Assistance Program

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UBT is excited to introduce a special fund that helps our clients in need. With this innovative program, compassionate customers can freely donate to support others who are struggling to pay their utility bills....


USTOP is really a call to action. Through signs, bill stuffers and other informational materials, UBT is saying to the Macon County public, “You need to stop improperly disposing of used grease,” which contaminates the environment.

UBT is asking people to refrain from pouring used cooking oil down kitchen sink drains or dumping it in the yard.


UBT town hall meeting is an informal public meeting that gives the customers of the community an opportunity to get together to discuss emerging issues and to voice their concerns and preferences for the community.

UBT believes in the power of a constructive dialogue with customers. As our customers share insights from their perspective as utility users, we are better able to serve their needs.

Open Arms

When you welcome someone with “open arms,” it means you are glad to see them and you are greeting them with a warm embrace. For these reasons, UBT adopted OPEN ARMS as the perfect theme and brand identity for UBT activities and events involving Tuskegee University audiences.

OPEN ARMS conveys enthusiasm and support, which is what we feel towards the students and faculty at Tuskegee University.