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Health benefit

Our people's health, our priority. We offer comprehensive healthcare that best covers their health needs.

  • Comprehensive medical coverage – our insurance plan covers a wide range of healthcare services
  • Extensive Dental care – Your oral health care is well taken care of as we provide you with routine checks and comprehensive dental care
  • Eye care – We know the importance of good vision. You have access to eye examinations, prescription glasses and contact lenses.
Life Insurance

We value you. We safeguard your future and lay a solid foundation for those who matter to you.

  • Carefully crafted straightforward policies that covers all our employees
  • Our provisions are just right to help protect and cover you.
  • guaranteed coverage to ensure all our staff, engineers and workers are fully covered.
Time Off/Leaves

We know you need time to recharge, so we provide enough rest and relaxation time for you.

  • Paid time-off (PTO): Our PTO policy gives you time for personal appointments, emergency events, and vacations.
  • Holidays :We observe the general holidays, allowing you to share and bond with your family.

We value our People

We consider our people as the heart of the UBT organization – from our staff to the community we serve, we strive everyday to provide superior quality, value and service. At UBT, we understand that the value and diverse talents our employees embody are our greatest assets, therefore, fostering a culture of trust, fairness, and growth is at the heart of everything we do.

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Open Arms and Supportive Work Environment

Its our utmost belief that, fostering a healthy, supportive and collaborative culture at every level within our organization bleeds into how the treat and serve our community. We understand that by giving our employees all the support for the growth and well-being, will in turn help them extend that same level of support and empathy as they serve the community.

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