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2023 Customer Bill Assistance Program

We’re at a unique moment in time. Computing has never mattered more to the world than it does now. Nearly every aspect of our lives is impacted by computers in ways unimaginable just a few generations ago. You’re likely reading this on a device that is orders of magnitude more powerful than the computers that sent astronauts to the Moon. We helped design those, too.

We understand that life’s challenges can sometimes make it difficult for individuals and families to cover essential expenses like power bills. That’s why we created this fund to assist anyone in our community facing financial difficulties.

Through ABC Charitable Contributions, kind-hearted customers can donate to help fellow customers who are having trouble paying their electricity bills. By combining our efforts and goodwill, we can make a significant impact on the lives of those in need.

Donating is simple: clients can easily contribute as a one-time donation or set up recurring payments. The accumulated contributions will be used to assist eligible customers who have demonstrated their need for support.

We encourage every UBT client to consider giving to this worthy cause. Your contribution will directly improve the lives of other community members by ensuring they have access to essential utility services and easing their financial burdens.

A united community that supports one another in difficult times grows stronger. Together, through UBT Charitable Contributions, we can make a positive change in the world. Join us in creating a resilient and compassionate community where everyone can thrive.