With Prepay… the Power is in Your Hands!

Here’s How Prepay Benefits Customers

  • No Deposits
  • No Monthly Bills
  • Customized Payment Schedule
  • Buy Utility Service As Needed

Basic Facts About Prepay:

  • It’s a Pay-As-You-Choose plan that let’s you decide when you pay, in the amount that fits your budget and needs
  • Prepay customers never pay fees for late payments, disconnects or reconnections
  • Instead of a traditional paper statement mailed to your home each month, usage is calculated daily
  • Starting Prepay balance of a minimum $65 is required

Is Prepay for You?

  • This depends on whether you want to stay with the traditional payment   option or change to this new service
  • The traditional way of paying your UBT bill requires a lump sum payment each month
  • With Prepay, you can make a single deposit for the entire month or multiple deposits throughout the month
  • When your Prepay balance gets close to running out, you will get a low balance notice as a text on your cell phone or an e-mail message on your computer
  • This will give you time to deposit more funds into your Prepay account before the meter stops. If you do not purchase more service, the meter will stop and your electricity and water will be shut off. However, purchasing more service is quick and easy, even on weekends and holidays.
  • Once a payment is made, your service will be restored almost immediately and there is no charge for reconnection.

What To Do & Where To Go

If you have been with UBT for a long time, you can switch to Prepay and the process is easy.

Visit the UBT office at 101 Fonville Street in Tuskegee to sign up.

A starting minimum balance of $65 is required.

If you have additional questions, call 334.720.0730 or 334.720.0731

Remember, The Power Is In Your Hands