With MYUSAGE… the Power is in Your Hands!

In the ongoing effort to help customers manage their consumption and related utility bills, UBT is offering another tool. It’s a website—

On MyUsage, you can see how much electricity your home is using each day and see the actual cost.  Typically, consumers don’t realize how much electricity they have used or how it will affect their finances until their bill arrives.  By then, it’s too late to adjust how you live in hopes of lowering the bill.

MyUsage puts more control in your hands. When you review your account on MyUsage, if there has been a spike, you can change the circumstances that contributed to the increase. For example, on a hot day you may have set the air conditioner at 65 degrees. To lower the bill, you may, raise the thermostat to 74 degrees and set it to cycle off when the house reaches that level.

Remember, you save an average 3% for every degree you raise the temperature in your home. MyUsage can help you make prudent decisions about utility consumption to lighten the financial impact.

What To Do & Where To Go

MyUsage is a free app that you download by visiting

If you have additional questions, call 334.720.0730 or 334.720.0731

Remember, The Power Is In Your Hands