Community Programs

AMEA Scholarships

The Utilities Board of Tuskegee (UBT) applauds Booker T. Washington High School seniors Alexis Brown and Terry Dallas and John Bradford, a student at Saint James School in Montgomery, for winning 2012 Alabama Municipal Electric Authority (AMEA) scholarships.

Visit the AMEA website to view AMEA Scholarship information.


USTOP is really a call to action. Through signs, bill stuffers and other informational materials, UBT is saying to the Macon County public, “You need to stop improperly disposing of used grease,” which contaminates the environment. UBT is asking people to refrain from pouring used cooking oil down kitchen sink drains or dumping it in the yard.


UBT town hall meeting is an informal public meeting that gives the customers of the community an opportunity to get together to discuss emerging issues and to voice their concerns and preferences for the community.

UBT believes in the power of a constructive dialogue with customers. As our customers share insights from their perspective as utility users, we are better able to serve their needs.


When you welcome someone with “open arms,” it means you are glad to see them and you are greeting them with a warm embrace.

For these reasons, UBT adopted OPEN ARMS as the perfect theme and brand identity for UBT activities and events involving Tuskegee University audiences.

OPEN ARMS conveys enthusiasm and support, which is what we feel towards the students and faculty at Tuskegee University.